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GANO Flo is premium food supplement produced under international manufacturing standard and with highly sophisticated extraction processes from New Zealand.

1,450 Baht 1,080 Baht

GANO Glo, premium food supplement, is rich of nutrients from Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) and 100% herbal ingredients with no chemicals added.

1,450 Baht 1,080 Baht

Import from New Zealand

Food supplement products under “GANO” brand have been developed by New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine managed by Alpha Group Holdings Ltd. At Alpha group, dedicated team of professional researchers and product development experts are constantly working to develop premium quality products that can improve people’s health.

100% Natural Rich with natural nutrients that clean your body and better your skin without side effects*.
(* Result varies depend of each person)

  • Rejuvenated your skin and reveal your beauty by natural essences

    Lighten skin. Help keep skin moist, hydrated, and soft. Shrink your pores; reduces acne, wrinkle, and black spots. Rejuvenated your skin and reveal your beauty by natural essences.

  • Muti-Detox with 100% Natural Extraction

    Recondition your digestive and excretory systems. Relieve chronic constipation; clear the intestinal tract of waste and toxic. Improve metabolism. Improve your body shape having compact body, flat belly.  Make you feel better than you have ever felt before.

  • Lighten your skin radiating beauty from the inside and out

    Restore female hormonal balance. Promote regular menstrual cycle. Reduce stomach pain during period. Detox your body, improve blood circulation, and lighten your skin radiating beauty from the inside and out.